Slack, my teams in one screen

Slack, contrary to its name is a very strong tool for collaboration and mainly instant messaging.

It offers us the standards of current instant messaging services: channels, direct messaging, history, timestamps, calls, archiving and file attachments.

In this case where comes Slack and why does Nimblersoft use it on a daily basis? You might be asking yourself, as most people do when they find other teams using Slack and inviting them to join their channels.

Slack offers something fresh and very well consolidated.

Notifications on a single application.

When you use Slack as a standard for communication, you can have your company, the allied company which works with yours on collaboration projects, the company of the clients that made a channel for team communication, etc. With Slack you can join them, on a single screen, change from a company Slack channel to another with a couple clicks and receiving all your notifications of messages on the same format, by opening only one app. Slack also offers us direct tagging inside channels, thread conversations for topics that get discussed and extended on a channel, tag searching, integration with services we use on a daily basis (Google drive, Github, Trello, Dropbox and a lot more), file sharing, a handy code snippets formatted box and accessibility everywhere (just one app in your laptop, just one app in your smartphone).

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Oh and I forgot, a snooze button for those needed 15-minute naps when you get overwhelmed after finishing those heavy issues you got assigned on Jira!