Migration template

From anywhere to Drupal

Nowadays, we have many different sources of digital information, from databases and web services to excel spreadsheets and plain text tables. Migrating those into a CMS (Content Management System) allows to a better organization of this information that can be easily accessible over the internet. The purpose of this blog post is to allow the user, with a general knowledge in Drupal, to import excel database to a Drupal website. There are several ways that content can be imported into Drupal but one of the ways is using Migration API.

What is a migration?

The process that seeks to take data from some source external to the current Drupal. The migration system makes it possible to pull content into Drupal from just about anywhere, some of the existing data sources (with the possibility of extend these or create new ones) include:

  • MySQL, MariaDB (or any database supported)

  • Previous versions of Drupal

  • CSV

  • JSON, you could even use a REST endpoint

  • XML


Also, there are some of the things you can create with a migration include:

  • Content

  • Content types

  • User accounts

  • Roles and permissions

  • Simple configuration

  • Complex configuration

The system also facilitates using things like run a complete migration plan, an individual migration, a partial migration in order and a migration that was previously run.


  • Migrate Module

  • Migrate Tools

  • Migrate Source CSV

  • Drush

  • Drupal 8

  • Source File

  • Target Content


Folder Structure for migration files