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Deocupled Drupal; how and why?

Called decoupled or headless (hence the first image); Drupal has a technique that has gained solidity through the last years because of the advantages and rewards it provides against the traditional Drupal management.

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Creating a Theme in Drupal 8

So, you just installed Drupal 8 in your workspace and want to change its style and appearance. To do so you need a Drupal 8 theme. The community, as big as it is; has created a lot of themes you can use for free or by paying a small fee.

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Campos autocompletables en Drupal 8

En muchos proyectos solemos necesitar campos que poseen muchas opciones a elegir, estas pueden ser categorías, tags, etc. Y tener una lista de opciones que ocupa la mayor parte de un formulario es un error de diseño.

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