SENESCYT - Oferta Académica


Senescyt, a government departament in Ecuador approached us about making a mobile application. They required it to display information of all university careers in the country, and apply filters to them according location, institution and career of choice.

Since they required the app to be published both in Apple App Store and Google Play Store, a native approach for each platform couldn't be possible. Ionic was the selected platform for developing because it can use both Android and iOS native components and allows easy compilation for both operative systems.

The project environment is comprised of a decoupled Drupal 8 site in charge of managing the information and the logic and the mobile app which connects to this decoupled D8 site and displays the careers information from it. 


Drupal 8 Decoupled Site:
A Drupal 8 site counts as a the app server, supplying the information in JSON format using a REST service. This D8 is in charge of the structure and delivery of the content the app uses.

Mobile App
The app pulls a JSON file from the server and displays the information properly in a grid.