Hugo Chang

I like to put series that I already watched on the background of my computer screen for activities that require all my attention, it puts my mind on the right spot to flow. The activities I enjoy doing while hearing a series include painting miniatures, trying boardgames variations, doing handicraft as well as playing video games with repetitive mechanics so I can fully relax. When I am outdoors I enjoy going to the local ice skating rink to practice a little, if you find me after my practices you will see me spinning and jumping from one place to another.

Systems and Informatics Engineering, 2010 - 2016.

Universidad de las Américas (UDLA), Quito - Ecuador

As a backend developer, I find joy in solving difficult issues and try to attain them in the simplest ways that I can find. I can use any tool to its maximum capacity as well as use them just for specific features. Choosing the one that feels like the right tool for a job in my own practice depends on which is the more efficient based in my large experience. I like to be conscious of the skills that the people surrounding me have, so I can try to make the most of them when needed.

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Most people using agile development have used or at least heard about Jira once in a while. Jira is...

Slack, contrary to its name is a very strong tool for collaboration and mainly instant messaging.